Variety: Sarasota’s Secret Sauce

Ask any resident why Sarasota lands atop every “Best of” list in America and you will hear a recitation of all the amazing cultural amenities that are available for people with a passion for the visual and performing arts. Yet even if you never set foot inside one of Sarasota’s many theaters, concert halls, gardens, or galleries, yours will still be one of the best all-around lifestyles that Florida has to offer. That’s because the variety we enjoy in our cultural lives extends into our recreational lives as well. Home to some of the most beautiful, acclaimed, and accessible beaches anywhere, you will wake up each morning in a place where you can swim, boat or fish, play golf or tennis, explore nature, or indulge a favorite hobby or pastime. The choices are endless.

Indeed, variety is the secret sauce that has made Southwest Florida the preferred destination for countless newcomers in search of a lifestyle rich in cultural and recreational amenities. Their housing needs, however, have put tremendous strain on the region’s inventory of homes. So thin are the available choices these days that luxury homebuyers are often left with only two reasonable options—build new or renovate.

That’s where CMSA comes in. Variety is our secret sauce as well.

For 32 years, designing stunning new luxury homes and performing spectacular makeovers on scores of vintage homes is how CMSA has earned its reputation as the region’s most innovative and imaginative architectural studio. Our extensive portfolio of finished projects includes many of the most iconic homes and properties on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Variety is the secret sauce that has made Southwest Florida the preferred destination…

The team of architects and designers at CMSA is always current on the latest design trends, the newest construction techniques, and Florida-s ever-evolving building codes. Moreover, their work transcends any single style of architecture as their designs are driven solely by the differing housing aspirations of our valued clientele. Often this means creating modern interpretations of classic architectural genres that also push the boundaries of all that is new and noteworthy in housing design and technology. Additionally, ours is the goal of delivering timeless, sustainable designs that both respect the environment and recognize the special demands of our coastal climate.

Gracing neighborhoods throughout coastal Southwest Florida are new luxury homes that range in architectural style from the classics—such as Georgian and Palladian—to numerous modern and contemporary motifs. Because of Florida’s mild winters and year-round tropical ambiance, many of the homes that spring from our drawing boards have been rendered in the British West Indies, Florida Vernacular and Mediterranean styles. Common elements that explain their popularity include large open spaces with soaring ceilings, abundant windows that open to expansive views and plenty of natural light, and interiors that transition seamlessly into dramatic outdoor living spaces. Differing housing styles to be sure, but each captures the essence of Florida’s all-weather lifestyle and our spiritual connection to the waters that surround it.

Other varieties of architecture that find their way onto our drawing boards include “modern” and “contemporary,” terms that are often used interchangeably. In fact, the two forms could not be more different.

Modern architecture aims for minimalism and is distinguished by clean straight lines, crisp geometric shapes, a lack of ornamentation and a significant degree of functionality. It is this functionality—or the belief that form follows function—that gave rise to several regional interpretations of the mid-century modern genre. One of those interpretations originated right here in Southwest Florida and has become famously known as the Sarasota School of Architecture. Its celebrated functionality revolves around mitigating Florida’s high heat and humidity with open design, cantilevered overhangs, and clerestory windows—or those placed above eye level to siphon off hot air. Collectively these features helped cool the homes naturally in the days before air conditioning. The same design allows for passive solar heating during Florida’s short bursts of chilly weather.

Contemporary architecture, on the other hand, simply refers to newly designed homes with architectural styles that can run the gamut from modern to updated interpretations of traditional genres.

That we enjoy competence in so many distinctive styles of architecture is an important plus for clients considering a whole-house renovation or addition. Indeed, re-imagining your home then unlocking its new potential is a favorite specialty of the CMSA design team.

If the property is already yours, teaming up with CMSA on a whole house transformation can be especially gratifying as you see the new features and amenities you’ve long envisioned finally take shape. Moreover, your home’s refreshed look and improved functionality will make it more attractive to potential buyers should you ever decide to move on and allow CMSA the privilege of designing your next new (or improved!) home.

Talk to us. Tell us which style of architecture has your name on it. Then let’s get started!

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