Michael & Deborah

Since the first time we met Clifford Scholz in the early 1990s, CMSA has been our ONLY choice of architectural firms to design for us since we moved to the west coast of Florida. Cliff has an acute sense of what his clients want, matched with an in depth understanding and the creativity required for the design process as well as a great talent of how to balance all of the ingredients necessary to create a great home. CMSA has designed 3 homes for us since Cliff has taken his first site tour with us, and not only has his firm done an incredible performance on all 3 designs, he and his staff take the time to listen to what we were looking for and somehow end up with the perfect design on paper. We will continue to work with Cliff and his staff on any and all of our future projects, and would gladly recommend CMSA to anyone in need of their architectural and design talents and skills.

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